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New Beginning Mortgage

Who is New Beginning Mortgage Corporation?
New Beginning Mortgage Corporation is your Oklahoma mortgage lender with over 35 years of helping Oklahomans secure new home lo
ans! When you need help with a new Home PurchaseSaving Money on your current home, Consolidating credit debt, or enjoying the benefits of new Home Improvements to your home; let New Beginning turn your dreams into the reality you deserve!

Why should you use New Beginning Mortgage Corporation?
New Beginning Mortgage Corporation works hard to get you the loan that you need. Our loans are easy to qualify for and our clients are often shocked when they see how much money they can save. We are fast, reliable and we use a common sense approach to getting you your money. While other lenders are looking for an excuse to reject your loan application, New Beginning Mortgage Corporation is getting you your new loan. Unlike most other mortgage companies, our customers get the respect and honesty that they expect.

New Beginning Mortgage Corporation was created to help homeowners get the home loans they need and deserve! We believe that with the passing of each new day, a new and better way to help our homeowners exists. It is our mission to do everything in our power to find it, improve it, and refine it in such a way that our homeowners receive the greatest benefit from it!


Our company is committed to making loans to all applicants on a consistent, fair and reasonable basis. We conduct business in an ethical manner reflecting our values of professionalism, integrity, and excellent service to all customers.

We do not endorse practices such as equity stripping, flipping, or steering. Equity stripping is defined as making a series of loans to a customer, which results in the loss of equity and may ultimately lead to loss of the property. Flipping is the practice of refinancing existing loans within a short period of time where the borrower receives little or no benefit and the lender charges unnecessary fees. Steering is the practice of steering a borrower to a lender where the originated and/or company would receive a larger compensation for the loan in question, with no regard to what is best for the borrower.


Laws and Regulations
Comply with all state and federal laws and regulations, including but not limited to,
The Equal Credit Opportunity Act, (ECOA)
The Fair Housing Act, (FHA
The Fair Credit Reporting Act, (FCRA)
The Truth in Lending Act, (TILA)
          The Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, (RESPA)

The Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act of 2003 (FACT)

     Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act of 2008, (SAFE)

Provide customers with timely and accurate disclosures of terms, costs and fees. Display all notices as required by federal, state and local laws.


Equitable Treatment of Customers
Establish and maintain an environment that encourages fair and equitable treatment of all customers in compliance with the spirit of fair lending laws. Treat all customers fairly with regard to loan pricing, processing, and programs regardless of race, color, age, gender, marital status, disability, or national origin. Respond to customer concerns quickly, take appropriate action, address concerns, and resolve issues as they arise.


Respect a customer's right to privacy by complying with federal and state privacy laws.


Offer all products to the widest range of customers as practical and do not engage in marketing practices inappropriately targeted towards minorities and the elderly. When negotiating the price or terms of a loan, treat all customers in a consistent manner. Ensure advertising and marketing material comply with federal, state and local laws.


Procedures and Training
Establish fair lending procedures, guidelines and training to all employees to ensure each customer is treated in an equitable manner. Ensure sales personnel understand the purpose of disclosure notices and can explain each to the customer.

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